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Torque Diesel Industries offer Sales, Service, Parts and Installation for STOLL loaders and Attachments, ZUIDBERG Frontline Systems, and CLEANFIX Reversible Fans Systems, across the South West and Great Southern.

With so many options there is more to Front Loaders, linkages and Attachments than meets the eye, We have worked with these systems for over 10 Years which gives you the confidence that you will get the right product for your needs. 


STOLL Front End Loaders

A front end loader is a great addition to your tractor, adding a new level of versatility to your machine without sacrifice thanks to the drive-in system developed in-house, which STOLL has been further refining over decades, they have made it possible for almost all tractor types to use a quality lifting arm – regardless of what year the tractor was built in.

STOLL’s 100% focus on the development and production of front loaders and attachments has made them the absolute market leader in Germany and specialists worldwide.



ZUIDBERG Front Linkage and PTO Systems

Zuidberg™ Front Linkage and/or PTO systems are the perfect addition to your Tractor to increase your productivity. Not only does it give you the option to add additional equipment to potentially turn a two pass operation into one. Putting your operations out front is also a great way to reduce operator fatigue. Zuidberg™ front linkage and PTO systems help alleviate compaction by allowing for fewer passes and better weight distribution of the equipment.

Zuidberg™ is the world’s leading producer of frontline systems with over 25 years of experience and produces front hitches and PTO’s for virtually every make and model of tractor available. And because they are built to ISO 9001 standards and based on the principles of clearance-free mounting, easy fit, high reliability, and exceptional value for the money, the advantages are endless 


CLEANFIX Reversible Fan Systems

Keep your Radiator clean with a reversible fan system from CLEANFIX. With incresaing demands on machinery and higher running temperatures due to emission control systems, it is imperative that your cooling system is running at its best. CLEANFIX reversible fan systems are able to, automatically, purge dust, chaff, leaves, dirt, grass and just about anything else that can clog your radiator.

CLEANFIX increases reliability, productivity, and fuel efficiency of your machine. What this means to you: Using CLEANFIX ensures a relaxed and comfortable work environment. You will never need to exit the cab to clean
the cooling package or be inconvenienced by a reduced air-conditioning performance, simultaneously you will be more productive due to less downtime.

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