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FMR Viticulture and Horticulture Equipment

Torque Diesel Industries is an approved, Sales, Service and Parts, dealer for FMR Group Australia, manufacturer and distributor of market leading viticulture and horticulture equipment, with a focus on providing customers with the very best equipment for mechanising day-to-day tasks.

FMR Vineyard Sprayers.

FMR Group's V-Series, R-Series, VLM and Herbicide Vineyard Sprayers, developed and tested in Australasian vineyards, employ Weber Tangential Fan technology, which produces a high volume, low pressure cloud of air that delivers the best even coverage you can get.

All built to the same high level of performance, our wide range of sprayers offers solutions for a variety of operators. From harvester mounted recycling sprayers covering 3-rows, to linkage sprayers that are ideal for smaller vineyards, all have a focus on low spray drift, ease-of-use and long-life durability.

ERO Canopy Management.

Maintaining your Vineyard Canopy means you need specialist Vineyard Equipment for different seasons and stages of growth.

FMR Group’s range of Vineyard Trimmers, Defoliators and Pruners work for you all year round. 

Spring and summer are periods of vigorous growth in the vineyard with the canopy requiring attention to ensure rows are manageable, and to allow more sun and air onto the fruit for ripening and the prevention of disease. 

Vine Trimmers are used to reduce the vineyard canopy, between and above the rows; while Vineyard Defoliators blast leaves away from within the canopy. 

Over the pruning season, a job still almost entirely performed by hand, FMR Group’s range of Vineyard Pruners make the task easy for your workers and less costly for your business.

FMR by Niubo.


As the exclusive distributor for Spanish manufacturer Niubo Agriculture in Australia and New Zealand, FMR applies its local knowledge to select, and if necessary adapt, the Niubo range to best meets the requirements of the local market.


Niubo then manufacturers the machines to FMR specifications in their Spanish factories using high-grade materials and components.

The partnership between the two companies is a perfect fit as both are dedicated to delivering top quality equipment at the right price. Together FMR and Niubo focus on continuous improvement and innovation to ensure that that the products they offer match the evolving demands of their Australian and New Zealand customers.

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